Private Investigator Services

Our Private Investigator Service is always the best!

Investigations are our passion, and we are always ready to help you. We are your Ideal Investigator.”

Our customers appreciate realizing that they have depended their case to one of Malaysia’s most trusted and recommended private specialists. We are skilled in finding or sourcing whatever data, whether it is for the personal, public or corporate purpose, making sure that your time, effort and of course, money is never wasted. This, we believe, is the reason more and more clients choose us as their private investigator. We are proud to say that our investigative customers range from extensive national law offices and companies with huge scale investigations required to private people searching for help. Our notoriety for quick, productive, discrete and intensive private investigations is by far the best you can ever find in Malaysia and the greater part of the different services we provide are all very competitive in terms of price and overall value.

As our name suggests, we are your ideal specialists in investigations. We utilize the most up to date tools, equipment, and resources, way past what other private agents’ use, along with our skilled and experienced investigators, which makes us a premier and notable private investigation company in Malaysia. We likewise spend significant time in individual verifications, PC forensics, data gathering, and investigative study and research, all conducted and supervised by licensed private investigators.

We provide various services available to almost anyone needing help with investigations involving Matrimonial, Corporate, Personal, Investigative, and Security matters. We also have private detectives for your special needs, whether you want one from the locality or Chinese, Malay, Indian, Freelance, Female and International.

The Function of Private Investigators
Primarily, the roles of private investigators are to accumulate data for people and organizations, private or public. They handle a wide range of sorts of cases and much of the time are helping lawyers, organizations and the general population with an assortment of lawful, financial and individual issues. Most private agents are prepared to perform capacities like observation, research and meeting. They likewise have access to electronic databases and inquiries, that the general population does not, which permit them to rapidly get a lot of data. In view of the way of their work, they can be called to appear in courts and give expert testimonies.

We, at Ideal Investigator, are composed of a highly-dependable team of private investigators who can secretly get the answers you require, rapidly, precisely, legally and reasonably.

Ideal Investigator is the No. 1 Choice
Basically, Ideal Investigator will get your evidence and data, lawfully, morally and efficiently all at affordable prices. While most of the private agents you talked to are resigned law enforcement authorities working on their own, out of their houses, we are composed of a team experienced, licensed, and professional notable investigators who use the most advanced devices today to give you the best output and results. We won’t take your case unless we are certain that we are competent enough to convey absolutely what is being asked. When we accept cases, we do investigations in the timeliest and most professional way, with your 100% satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

If ever you ask us about a case that we think we are not ready of, we would gladly give you recommendations.

At Ideal Investigator, we know that finding a private detective suiting all your requirements can be quite challenging and sometimes, a tedious process. And so, when you come to us, we guarantee that we will listen to you and help you find the best solution for your case. We can give you the free consultation and all transactions are kept with utmost care, respect, and confidentiality.

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