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Professional, Credibility and Quality Private Detective Agency Malaysia

Private Investigator Malaysia
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Idealinvestigator is a private investigation agency located in Malaysia. We are in operation and providing high quality private investigation services. We offer a discreet, affordable, friendly, and most importantly, highly effective Private Investigation service across whole Malaysia.
Professional, Credibility and Quality

Private Investigator Malaysia

Private Investigator Malaysia detective agency – we are the expert to find out the truth

On the definition of private investigation and private investigators

Private Investigator Malaysia

In the world of Private Investigator Malaysia, nothing can be hidden. We discover every secret and everything that is well-hidden, or what only seems to be well-hidden. By definition, private investigation is something done by a private investigator. As we could define what private investigation is, we should define what a private investigator does. By definition, a private investigator is a person who can be either hired by another person or a company or a group for law investigation services. Private investigators can accompany attorneys in civil and criminal court cases.

There is a short version of the name for private investigators which is widely used by private investigators – PI. Around the world, there are also other names for private investigators such as private eyes, private detectives, and inquiry agents. Another definition of what the private investigator is says that a private investigator is a person who collects pieces of evidence and information. The statements before mean that private investigation is the process of collecting evidence and information. With Private Investigator Malaysia, pieces of valuable information and evidence can’t be hidden. Our private investigation services find out things that even the all-knowing God doesn’t know.

Why do you need to hire a private investigator?

Hire Private Investigator

No one is secure in today’s mad world. Anyone of us can be a target of insidious people wanting to hurt us, our integrity and our life. People usually contact the police when they worry they might be at risk of being attacked, murdered, their identity being stolen, etc.

When people fear and believe they are at risk at the thing mentioned above, they immediately call a local police department. On the line, with the probably sleepy or irritated police officer, he tells that you need to calm down and not to be so mad. How that irritating can be? Because the police usually say everything is fine, and you shouldn’t worry, they calm you down, but you know a day or two after the initial call to the police, something bad is going to happen. At last, your identity gets stolen, you are a victim of a robbery, your kids get kidnapped, and all of the worst scenarios happen just because you have listened what the irritated police officer told you.

We don’t say that police doesn’t know their work, but that they take most of the justified worries of people as a joke. If you are rejected by the police to get covered, then we, Private Investigator Malaysia, or any other private detective agency are there for you 24/7.

You need a private investigator if:

  • You don’t feel safe
  • You have the feeling someone is tracking you on the street
  • Weird money spendings appear on your bank account
  • You get bills for the things you didn’t buy
  • Someone unknown calls you and threatens you

If you are experiencing these serious threats, it is time to either call a police department, but if they reject you, call us immediately. Our phones are ringing 24/7 and in seconds a friendly assistant will answer you. After the call, we make an appointment with you in our office, or we come to your home or anywhere you know you aren’t going to be watched by the potential threat.

You need a private investigator because we are there to protect you and comfort you, since your life, no matter how much you pay us for our services is important.

Besides investigating are there potential threats for your life, we also do trivial investigations. You can also call us if you suspect your spouse or partner cheats on you. No police department will ever investigate whether a partner cheating on you or not, and that is also the reason to call us for the investigation to be done.

As our title says, we know the things even the God doesn’t know, and believe us, if we find out that your life is in danger, we will do our best and eventually find out what person is the threat for you and catch that particular person and put him/her under interrogation.

Top Private Investigator Malaysia

Ideal Investigator is a Detective Agency in Malaysia, which provides various services available to almost anyone needing help with investigations involving Matrimonial, Corporate, Personal, Investigative, and Security matters. We also have private detectives for your special needs, whether you want one from the locality or Chinese, Malay, Indian, Freelance, Female and International.

Our Services


Private Investigator Matrimonial Malaysia

Do you suspect your partner of cheating and being unfaithful and possibly having an affair? Our infidelity investigators specialise in carrying out matrimonial surveillance and cheating spouse investigations.


Private Investigator Corporate Malaysia

Our highly qualified private investigators are committed to delivering ethics and integrity across all private and corporate investigations, and pride ourselves on an unrivalled degree of professionalism and discreetness.


Personal Private Investigator Malaysia

If you have to procure a personal private examiner, it’s vital to run with an organization that is confirmed and reliable. Our firm has practical experience in giving the most expert personal private investigative services.


Private Investigator Investigative Malaysia

Ideal Investigator Agency  also involve in various types of Investigation – background check, criminal investigation, Facebook investigation, fire Investigation, forensic Investigation, insurance investigation and Patent and Trademark investigation.


Private Investigator Security Malaysia

Security investigations service, such as cyber, mobile phone forensics, computer forensic, database, GPS Tracking and Phone record. If you are facing these issue, contact us and let professional to help you.

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and solve the problem!

Base on my previous cases, a lot of my client told me. They suspect something will happen, thinking maybe they think too much but not dare to face it, hope the thing will be fine. But, the truth is, they were letting the thing become even worst due to the procrastination. So, whenever you are feeling suspicious, unsafe or any reason make you feel uncomfortable, the best way is to find out the truth and solution. Contact us now!