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Personal Sting Operation

Sting operations can be conducted via personal request; hence, the phrase personal sting operation. With a strong probability that a wrongdoing or illegal act has been committed but without any hard evidence to support the claim, this method is the best recourse. And we are your Ideal Investigators when it comes to this. We are Malaysia’s coveted expert on sting operations.

Requiring initiative and resourcefulness, this operation is conducted on the utilization of accessories and materials serving as props, solid and proven strategies, and experienced facilitators. All of these can either be used for the purpose of posing a disguise. The man in authority, in this instance, disguises as someone with the same lifestyle and personality with the suspects. For this purpose, he will change this clothing fitting to the scene. Later on, as the suspects approve of his presence, without any trace of doubt or so, he must observe their behavior, their practices, skills, and even their personal background. For this to be possible, he needs to live and bond with them for a little while. At some point, it can take up to months, others weeks, while some only days. The simplest act can be for instance, someone who is a police disguising as a drug dealer and then when a sale is done, the suspect is caught in the act.

Sting operations are also done by the help of experienced informers. By their name, it can be understood that they are those who give trustworthy reports or hints to the authorities or in our case, to our private investigators about the whereabouts or what not about the subject or suspect. An interesting turn of event is that a wanted offender of the law is commissioned by the authorities to become an informer. As a result, their arrest can be put aside or their sentence is decreased or be given pardon or parole, whichever is applicable. Whenever complex crimes are involved in a requested job like drug dealing by big drug lords, bribery or corrupt practices by executive officials or higher authorities, and the like, our private investigators use the most experienced and credible informants so as to establish trust in the process. We have a large network of connection that we can tap wherever you are in Malaysia.

These operations are possible through advertising as well. Our investigators may opt for this strategy by marketing stolen goods or offering jobs to bust the scams around. Along with this modern technique, we also make use of the power of the digital age, the internet.

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