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Matrimonial or spousal issues have turned out to be a normal issue these days not just in Malaysia but all over the world. We hear of couples or partners filing divorce to end their relationship and more. Indeed, at any point of one’s married life, a relationship may start to break up and you may not get a handle on what you ought to do, but do not worry. Our skilled private investigators matrimonial who have long years of expertise in this area are ready to lend a hand.

At Ideal Investigator Malaysia, our private matrimonial detectives are multi-awarded with lots of awesome awards and recognitions locally and internationally. They can help you find out whether your spouse or partner is having an affair with someone or not. We will keep an eye on your cheating husband, wife or partner and get the evidence you need to do confrontation, file a case, or leave him or her for good.

We understand that this is not an easy matter to solve and that this can be a very painful process to you. But we say you are not alone. We’ve already handled different spousal cases requiring investigations and we may have successfully tackled one just like yours. We have a team of matrimonial investigators who are highly-trained that can also provide private counseling if you want to. But we recommended clients to undergo such so they can go on with their lives better while we are investigating their partner.

If ever you are thinking about filing a divorce, our matrimonial investigators can perform asset search to know the exact amount your spouse has squandered or hidden and where these can be found.

With our help, you can recover fast from your experience. But remember that getting over such event only happens if you have concrete evidence. It is sad to note that cheating spouses do not confess that easy. Most of the time, they deny as long as they can. There are even others who are in denial to death. And so here at Ideal Investigator, we can give you the truth, the facts of the circumstance in a timely and professional manner. The evidence that we provide can be used in proving inclinations and opportunities and are recorded in comprehensive reports, video files, pictures, and background checks.

As you go through this process, we can help you with any of these areas in the matrimonial investigation: adoption, background check, child custody and maintenance, divorce and family course cases, evidence collectionlitigation supportloyalty test, post-marital and pre-marital investigation, surveillance, and teenage monitoring.

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